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Why Have WordPress Blog For Your Small Business

WordPress Blog for Your Business?

By now you must have heard that blogs are becoming more and more popular not just for personal use but for business use.

There are so many blogging platforms, choosing one or the right one could present a problem. WordPress is the most popular and most frequently used blogging system in the world.wordpress for small business

 Why? Because it has:

  • huge amount of free themes you can choose from
  • has an excellent Content Management System built in therefore it is Search Engine friendly
  • can create update and create posts without technical knowledge
  • it has many customizable features to match the look and feel you want
  • it is interactive by allowing comments
  • comments are approved first by you before posting
  • you can easily embed videos and picture
  • easy to use in conjunction with Social Media
  • has many plugins to help you with tracking, SEO, etc.

The main reason I like WordPress blogs is because I have first hand experience in using “regular” websites, Google’s free blog (blogspot) and WordPress and I was only able to achieve quick page rank “climbing” with WordPress. It is truly a traffic magnet if used properly!

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