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Why Blog?

Why Blog?

 I know I had recently wrote a blog post similar to this subject but it so happens that last night I went to the Calgary SEO and Online Marekting Group Meetup and the topic was: Why Blog. 

I find that more and more small business owners and professionals are  interested in blogging and want more info. They are looking learn more about:

  • why people blog
  • how come some bloggers get wildly successful in monetizing their blog
  • how do you actually monetize a blog
  • how can a business benefit from blogging
  • how often should one blog
  • where do you get blogging ideas from (I actually have a couple of posts on that)
  • and more….

And WHY am I bringing this up? Why Blog

Because at our Meetup last night we has such a good turnout and a great presenter (Shannon Bowen-Kelsick) that I felt compelled to share it. 

The interest to blog is definitely there. The reasons might be all different but blogging is becoming more mainstream as a form of sharing info,  connecting and establishing credibility. I think it’s great!

To your success!


As always your comments are welcome 🙂

January 28, 2011 In: Blogging Tips, Internet Tips Comments (2)


  • January 28, 2011

    Hey Viola! Thanks for coming!

  • January 29, 2011

    You hit the nail on the head Viola. There are many reasons to blog, the exposure and the opportunities (many unexpected) are incredible. I am a walking promoter of blogging, it can be incredible. See you again soon!

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