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Keywords – What should you know about them


What should you know about keywords

Somebody asked me recently if a keyword (singular) is treated as a keyword phrase (multiple words). keyword searchesIn the Internet world or online world then answer is ……YES.

 It is understood that a “keyword”  could be one word or a string of words. So if you are asked to put in keywords separated by a comma let’s say when you sign up your website to a directory,  then you may put in only one keyword or a keyword phrase and that is ok. Example: bookkeeping, bookkeeping services, small business bookkeeping in Calgary….etc. are all considered keywords.

Most websites and blogs are optimized for more than  just one word.  One word just isn’t a narrow enough or focused enough search criteria.  For example: “cleaning” by itself is not a good word to optimize  your website because it could be anything from cleaning your house to cleaning your shoes or jewellery, etc… So you see how you really do have to use more than just one word.

Where should you use keywords

Keywords are used on:

  • titles of your blog post, articles
  • pages of your website or blog (but be careful not to overdo it)
  • as anchor text your blog post and articles
  • in your tweets
  • any publication on the Internet such as press release, YouTube,

How to find relevant keywords

The most popular way to find pertinent keywords for your business is to use Google Keyword Tool (make sure you are using the appropriate tool: Google Keyword  Tool for Canada also known as Google Adwords Tool). If you take your time to experiment with  this tool you will find lots of interesting things such as how much each keyword cost when advertising with Google Adwords (ie. The cost per click for small business bookkeeping is $7.17 and keep in mind that is somebody just clicking on your paid ad not necessarily contacting you or hiring you)

Google keywords

Using keywords both on the pages of your site and in the “backend” the meta title and meta description is crucial.  Why? It is really very simple.

When someone is searching for information on the web, they will  type in the words describing what they are looking for in the search box of the search engine. The search engine then checks its database and returns the results listing pages that meet the words submitted. If your website is not optimized and the words describing your services or products is not present how is your site going to EVER come up in a search? Really?

 It boggles my mind when I hear stuff like: keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) is dead! Oh, really, please head over to Google Webmaster and check out what they have to say.

I had to put in my two cents worth since recently I had a couple of people telling me that SEO is dead and its use outlived….

To your success


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