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About VH Marketing

VH Marketing Ltd. is a dynamic Internet marketing company in Calgary, helping businesses since 2009 to achieve a web presence that generates qualified leads and brings in quality business.

Viola Olah is the owner and manages the company with the help of a handful of talented and dedicated people.

Our Vision

To be the ‘go to’ company for all things related to online marketing. We want to take your company’s online marketing from frustration and confusion to success and peace of mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create online marketing campaigns with the most value for our clients; to be the online marketing company businesses trust and partner with. We provide premium quality online marketing and online marketing advice always keeping up with the latest digital trends.

About Viola Olah (Hutchinson)

Viola HutchinsonIn the fall of 2008 I quit my job as a systems analyst at Shell Canada … and didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. I took some time off and helped around my hubby’s business when in the spring of 2009 a friend of mine who owned a commercial cleaning company asked me in desperation to help him out with his website. He hired and paid somebody a decent amount of money to build a website for his business but after a few months there was still no website in sight…unfortunately, his story was not uncommon.

So I created my first website from start to finish and I was super excited not only because my friend was very happy with the finished product but also because I realized I had found something I really enjoy doing. At Shell a small part of my job was to keep our department’s intranet webpage up to date so I got trained in HTML and Dreamweaver and that gave some advantage and confidence to enter the arena of web design and Internet marketing.

After designing a few websites, I started examining the search results in Google and other search engines. It puzzled me that certain sites would always show up on the first couple of pages and others were nowhere to be found. I had to find out how to rank websites high in Google……Well, I can tell you that is a tall order and one that needs continuous attention and constant learning and tweaking and that’s why I love it. I actually enjoy the ever changing, challenging aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

Oh, the interesting “piece” about me is that I am a Hungarian, born and raised in Transylvania (yes, it’s a real place), Romania. I grew up speaking two languages and was “lucky” enough to live under the insane communist rule of Ceausescu until the age of 20 at which time I fled the country and lived in Norway for a few months and then immigrated to awesome Canada.


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