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Free Stuff

Software, Ebooks & More

There is a lot of free stuff on the internet. Not all is worth your time. I am only sharing free stuff that I have used and found useful so you don’t have to waste your time looking or trying out subpar products.

Free Images
Good quality royalty free images you can use for your marketing material.

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Free Software
At Download.com you can find free software from a huge variety of industries. Just put in your keyword in the search box and browse.
Caution: if you are looking for a truly free software make sure you you are checking off the box next to ‘Free’.

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Free Ebooks

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I find Bookyards very helpful when searching for up-to-date ebooks on a certain topic. As far as I know they have hundreds of thousands of Ebooks available for download.

Idea: If you have your own Ebook you might want to upload it here (and other ebook sites). It is an excellent way to market your services or products as long as your business information is easily found on the Ebook.


Another site I use is Free-ebooks.net.
You do have to join in order to be able to download.

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