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28 Oct 2015 No Comments

The WHY in your business – Do you actually know it?

Business becomes a lot easier when you know your WHY. By now I think you have heard the importance of knowing your WHY. This is not just regarding your business […]
3 Oct 2012 No Comments

Duplicate Content – Should you worry about it?

Duplicate Content? There seems to be a great deal of confusion around what is considered duplicate content online and unless you have been living with some isolated tribe in the […]
23 Jan 2011 No Comments

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS and RSS FEED definition. Why this is a potiential time saver and the best short video explaining what RSS Feeds are and how they work.
20 Dec 2010 No Comments

How do I get my business known online

Want to have your business website known online? Listen to the short video from Google Webmaster. It is something to keep in mind when working on your online marketing.
11 Nov 2010 1 Comment

Google First Page – is it possible to get there?

Can your website get to Google First Page? Can it be guaranteed to stay there naturally (not with PPC or AdWords). Find out the answer straight from Google by watching the video inside.