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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

25 Aug 2015 No Comments

Has your website listing been affected?

Attention Local Business Owners: Big changes from Google Are you a local business? Your website ranking might have been affected You probably remember the way search results showed up on […]
20 Oct 2012 No Comments

Links, Changes and Google

What does Google want? That is the question most of us would really like to know but I guess we’ll have to live with bits and pieces and just stick […]
5 Dec 2010 No Comments

Keywords – What should you know about them

Find out what keywords are, where and how to use them to get the most out of your website or blog.
11 Nov 2010 1 Comment

Google First Page – is it possible to get there?

Can your website get to Google First Page? Can it be guaranteed to stay there naturally (not with PPC or AdWords). Find out the answer straight from Google by watching the video inside.
6 Nov 2010 2 Comments

What is SEO anyway and why should you care?

Quick definition and overview of what SEO is and why you need to use it. Search engine optimization shouldn't be something that other people talk about. If you have a business it should be something you know about and use it.