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Internet Tips

8 Jan 2017 No Comments

Not Secure Warning from Google Chrome

Google’s ultimate goal is to have 100% of the world’s websites load securely via HTTPS. So starting this month, January 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will start flagging some websites that […]
1 Dec 2015 No Comments

Google Alerts?

Are you using Google Alerts? If you are not you are missing out.   Google Alerts can make your life easier.  Google will send you an email when there are […]
3 Oct 2012 No Comments

Duplicate Content – Should you worry about it?

Duplicate Content? There seems to be a great deal of confusion around what is considered duplicate content online and unless you have been living with some isolated tribe in the […]
28 Jan 2011 2 Comments

Why Blog?

Why Blog? There are many reasons why you should blog. If you are thinking about it just simply jump in and do it. Commit to a timeframe to try it out and then you'll know if it is for you or not.
23 Jan 2011 No Comments

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS and RSS FEED definition. Why this is a potiential time saver and the best short video explaining what RSS Feeds are and how they work.