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Calgary Business Women In Action

Calgary Business Women Networking Gala

Partial copy of Resonate Gala brochure

Do Calgary business women know how to mix business with pleasure?

This past Tuesday, October 5th, I attended a fundraising Gala organized by a local business woman, Nancy Drew of Drew and Associates. What a great success! I just wanted to comment on the nature of events like this; the outcome is so positive that I wonder why more businesses don’t embrace such events, whatever the cause.

This event was organized to raise money for the desperate orphans in Haiti through God’s Littlest Angels. I don’t know yet how much money was raised but I estimate it will be over $20,000 with a 100% of it going towards helping the orphans.

Here is why I think this was a win-win situation for everbody involved:

  • we raised much needed money for the voiceless kids in Haiti
  • we had a nice evening out and had fun in the fancy and friendly environment provided by Rush
  • we met a lot of other like-minded local business women
  • we had the opportunity to get great deals by bidding on excellent auction items such as: great spa packages, weekend getaways, designer clothes, office space, etc.
  • we were able to network with each other in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere then your usual business environment and learn about each other’s businesses
  • I am sure there are other benefits that I cannot thinnk of right now (please let me know in your comments)
  • Yes, I just thought of another cool thing. We all went home with a wonderful rose (still displayed on my coffe table)  and a great goodie bag stuffed with valuable gifts and coupons
Some of the local businesses providing auction items

Partial copy of Resonate - brochure - featuring some of the sponsors

Who says business has to be dry and stressful? I am looking forward to attend more of these kind of events and eventually put one on myself. Most of us have a cause we feel strongly about. The small business women and men in Calgary are a dynamic group with a lot of drive, imagination and compasion. What a great place to be.

Please share your thoughts and comments.


October 9, 2010 In: Women in Business Comments (2)


  • October 13, 2010

    Hi Viola,

    I loved your article! It is so true, we all get so caught up on the day to day business that forget the importance of events like this and sharing and networking with other women.

    When we enjoy some laughs and conversations with others, there is a tremendous amount of positive energy surrounding us! I am sure after an evening like this you all left with at least a word that impacted your life and/or business in one way or another, plus you made an impact in children’s life.

    After all isn’t that what a successful business is all about? Impacting peoples lives! I say kudos to the organizers and sponsors and I hope there is more events to come!

  • October 14, 2010

    Normally I find blogs through the comments that other blogger leaves on those blogs, and so it adds to it.

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