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16 Aug 2016 No Comments

Recycle your web content

Want to keep your website active? Running out of new ideas to post? Running out of time?  No worries, you can always recycle your old content. You can rehash your […]
31 May 2016 No Comments

How to get a Google Review

How to get a Google Review from your satisfied clients This is somewhat of a pain point with most of my clients because they know they should get reviews on […]
26 Mar 2016 No Comments

How can I make my business more visible on Google

Are  you a local business owner? Do you have a website? (I sure hope so, if not that’s a whole different conversation…) I get this question asked a lot: How […]
18 Jan 2016 No Comments

Google Reviews

Help your website show up on the first page of Google with Google Reviews!  
1 Dec 2015 No Comments

Google Alerts?

Are you using Google Alerts? If you are not you are missing out.   Google Alerts can make your life easier.  Google will send you an email when there are […]
28 Oct 2015 No Comments

The WHY in your business – Do you actually know it?

Business becomes a lot easier when you know your WHY. By now I think you have heard the importance of knowing your WHY. This is not just regarding your business […]